As a brand storytelling consultant, Flo Wales Bonner works with clients at all stages of their journeys, from small start-ups to international organisations. Each project is entirely bespoke, and for those with a larger scope she often works in collaboration with talented members of the Banquet team, who offer everything from filmmaking to design. Working as your creative partner, we can:

Refine your brand identity
Create a coherent, recognisable personality for your brand, from tone of voice to visual identity.  

Articulate your brand story
Tell the world, your customers and the press what you stand for, and what makes you stand out. 

Craft your strapline
Devise a smart, catchy and memorable tagline to strengthen your brand presence. 

Define your mission, vision and values
Pinpoint who you are as a company, what you believe in, and where you’re going.

Diversify your brand storytelling
From events to short films, explore new and engaging ways to bring your brand story to life.

Identify your brand’s USP and key talking points
Work out what makes you unlike any other company, and worth talking about. 

Tell your strongest stories around individual projects, products and launches
Enjoy ongoing storytelling and copywriting support for discrete projects, big and small.